Awards Dinner

On Friday night, March 1, 2019, the 53rd Annual Community Awards will formally kick off the weekend.

There will be a cocktail hour where you can socialize, get a drink, check in for the weekend, and be present as the tech boot is worked on by the bootblack contestants. The Bare Chest Calendar men will be serving your drinks once again. And as always, the SOMA Guardians will be checking your coats.

Then it’s dinner time!  We are serving buffet style, and cards with the detailed ingredients list of each item will be available.

As dinner proceeds, you will be introduced to the Mr. SF Leather and SF Bootblack contestants, and we will begin handing out the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Community Awards! 

  • Philip M Turner Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Woman of the Year
  • Man of the Year
  • Non Binary Person of the Year
  • Jim Remer Unsung Hero Award (behind the scenes volunteers)
  • Next Generation Award (under 35)
  • Outstanding Community Nonprofit SF Bay Area
  • Outstanding Community Business SF Bay Area
  • Best New Organization – SF Bay Area
  • Best Community Educational Event
  • Best Organizational Anniversary Event
  • Best Bay Area Leather Contest
  • Best Community Leather/Fetish/MC event (not a contest or Street fair)
  • Best Community Weekend Event (not a Contest or Street Fair)
  • Most Visible Community Organization
  • Best One-Day Motorcycle Ride
  • Best Weekend Motorcycle Run

Check our awards history section here.  


For more information about these awards, you can contact our Awards Committee at