2018 Staff

Leather Alliance Weekend 2018 Staff


Angel Garfold – Contest Producer and Weekend Co-chair
Beatrice – Sponsorship Team

Beatrice is a Business Development Consultant who believes real success is about taking a look at what-works and what-doesn’t-work on a company’s sales team, getting egos out of the way and under-performers off the team. Raising the bar and reaping the benefits, leading by example using straightforward communication and bleeding edge technology mixed with a powerhouse work ethic. Beatrice loves creating new revenue streams for her clients and is a natural top performer in B2B sales, management and publishing.

Beatrice has been in the San Francisco BDSM scene for 20 years and identifies as a boardroom-dominatrix. She teaches about using sex and power to increase sales, as well as, asking for what you really want in the boardroom and the bedroom. Beatrice is Treasurer and Coordinator of the Society of Janus, the second oldest BDSM organization in the nation, celebrating 44 years!

She is a Feminine Dominant, a published author, an award winning speaker and a community outreach leader.

Carolyn DeSimone – Food Chair
Cat Ondriezek – Party Chair
Christopher Woods – Beer Bust Chair
Dahn Van Laarz – Contest Producer and Weekend Co-chair
David Hyman David Hyman – Web Director

David has been a participant in the South of Market scene since the days of the Cauldron and the Boot Camp.  But since his retirement from the worlds of tech and not-for-profit social services, he has become much more active in kink society: hanging with the Bears and the Golden Gate Guards, hosting events for the Rubber Men of San Francisco, attending classes at Foundations SF and the Ring, joining the Board of the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance, and even daring to run for a title or two.  He also throws parties.

Dwyn – Staff Photographer
Gerald Borjas – Artistic Director

Gerald Borjas, 3rd generation San Franciscian, is a musician, artist, writer, kinkster and overall weirdo. You can find Gerald normally working on his music but he is consistently working effortlessly to build the city’s community in a myriad of aspects. He won the Mr. Edge title back in 2015 and went to win the brotherhood award for the contest that year! The next year following he joined the SFL production staff. Assisting in two contests so far (upcoming 3rd) he is always looking to broaden his horizons and help out behind and in front of the scenes.

Jason Husted – Judges’ Coordinator
Jesbian Bagheera – Technical Director

Jesbian Bagheera is a leather femme dandy. She gets down and dirty at the SF Eagle bootblack stand as a switchy ashtray. When she is not up to her knees in shenanigans and sass she is volunteering with The SF Little Scouts and SF girls of Leather. She has been licking leathers and force feeding cupcakes in the community since 2011. She previously held the title International Little Miss Little 2014. She is the current Ms California Leather 2017. She continues to advocate for Leather Littles everywhere while continuing to build her education directory V.I.V.I.D. Leather for POC visibility.

Jessica – Sponsorship Team
Jesus Nuñez-Jirgl– Den Boy

Jesus Nuñez-Jirgl has been part of the Den staff as Den Boy for the past three years! Under the tutelage of Daddy Eric Lopez and Daddy Nate Cotton, Jesus has grown to the proud leather boy he is today. Most of his praise would have to be given to his daddy, who gifted Jesus with his first Leather and is teaching him how to be a Boy. Before being part of the Den Staff, Jesus could be found with his Husband Daddy Steve Jirgl helping at various community events, such as Pink Triangle and Leather Walk. As well as helping with beer busts from Tenderloin Tessie, Mr. Friendly, SFGFFL and Mr. Lonestar, he can be found being a good neighbor, just giving a helping hand where needed. When not volunteering his time, Jesus enjoys playing football for the SF Gay Flag football league or spending time with his husband and family. Although one day he wishes to be a Daddy, don’t be fooled by his tough exterior; Jesus has the biggest heart and is always willing to hang out with you so you don’t ever feel alone!

Larry Rivera – Awards Chair
Nate Cotton –  Den Daddy

Nate Cotton is the Mr San Francisco Leather’s Den Daddy.  The Den Daddy is responsible for preparing the contestants for and assisting them throughout the contest.  This will be his 5th year in the Den, and 2nd year as Den Daddy.  Aside from working with the leather contest, he rode in the AIDS LifeCycle for two years and was the San Francisco Ducal Court’s Royal Daddy’s Boy 2015-2016.  Although he is Daddy in the Den, he flags hunter green right on the streets (as well as navy blue).  He looks forward to meeting the next class of contestants and helping them bring their best to the competition.
Raven – Sponsorship Team
Society of Janus – Registration Team
Teagan – Stage Manager, and Producer of the SF Bootblack contest.

Teagan is a Bootblack based out of Oakland, CA. The first time she shined a pair of shoes, it was under her father’s watchful eye as a child before church. However, these days her skills are being put to more … salacious uses. Upon joining the leather community she soon discovered that taking care of leather was a ‘thing.’ She began to hone her craft starting by caring for the leathers of her close friends and lovers in 2013 and then decided to undertake more formal mentorship in early 2015. She identifies as a spiritual bootblack. She views herself as a healer, seeking to purify both the leather and it’s owner during their time in her stand.

She enjoys serving her community as both a skilled bootblack, organizer, and volunteer. She’s worked at major events including International Ms Leather, Southwest Leather Conference, Leather HEAT, Dore Alley, and The Folsom Street Fair. She’s also worked as a coordinator for bootblacks at Folsom Street Fair and both Mr San Francisco Leather and Ms San Francisco Leather. She is Southern California Bootblack 2016 and Southwest Bootblack 2017.

On Wednesdays she wears Wescos.

U.b. – Den Support
U.b., short for Unicorn boy, is a sparkly, gender-fucked, butch-kind of, motorcycle riding, boylesque dancing, pain loving, passionate for protocol, boot worshiping leather boy. They savor every opportunity to give service and relishes in the smiles his service brings to Others. U.b. has given service to their community through hosting play parties, volunteering for many events, is a member and past officer of the Exiles, a current board member of SF Dykes on Bikes, representative on the Leather Alliance for Dykes on Bikes, and is thrilled to start a new journey as a Den Mentee for Mr San Francisco Leather. He is pumped to meet all the contestants, and guide them through a smooth and delicious adventure for their run!
Will Victoria – Bar Chair
More staff photos and bios coming soon.