Mike Gerle

Mike Gerle

Mike came out of his kinky closet in a big way in 2007 by winning three consecutive leather titles: Mr. Oil Can Harry’s Leather, Mr. L.A. Leather, and International Mr. Leather.

After his title year, Mike founded the LA Band of Brothers. This formalized the bond of brotherhood among more than 100 men who had competed for the Mr. Los Angeles Leather title by creating a mentoring fraternity guiding new contestants on their journey to the stage and resources after their contest is over. You’ll find the Band of Brothers with chapters in Chicago, Michigan, Wisconsin, and now in San Francisco.

In 2012 Mike followed the lead of Race Bannon, and with Race’s permission, started a Facebook group called “Mike’s Bar,” an on-line resource with a primary purpose to get men offline and face-to-face at gay kinky events.

Mike has written for Instigator and Letherati, has been featured on Dan Savage’s blog, has shared his Dom/sub journey on the NPR affiliate, KCRW “Strangers” podcast, and is about to release the first installation of his memoir currently titled Freedom Through Discipline this summer.

Mike lives in West Hollywood with his husband/boy Garrett and works at West Hollywood City Hall. Mike also founded TRIBE modeled after the San Francisco LDG, a monthly gay men’s discussion group co-sponsored by the City of WeHo and a local HIV non-profit. In his spare time, Mike recently became a certified yoga teacher.