2017 Contestants

Mr. SF Leather 2017 Contestants


Connor Hochleutner
Mr. Edge Leather

As a Bay Area native, Connor has been in San Francisco for over 10 years and has been actively involved in the leather community for several years as well. He is a current member of Grass Roots Gay Rights and is starting his fifth year involved with Real Bad, raising vital funds for LGBT and HIV/AIDS charities in the Bay Area.

Mr. Edge Leather is also a pup and goes by the name, “Shadow.” He belongs to a chosen kink family known as the Fog City Pack, which puts on events several times a year. Shadow enjoys the friendships and family the leather community affords him. After dating for about two years, Connor recently got engaged to a wonderful man named PJ.

Geoff Millard2.
Geoff Millard
Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop Leather

A queer, disabled combat veteran, bootblack, and leatherman from Buffalo, NY, living in Oakland with his husband/sub. He flags hunter green on the left, light pink on right, and can switch his light blue, navy blue, black, or grey. A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor at Four Elements Fitness, a gym owned by queer women of color, Geoff is also an expert in choking if anyone wants to feel lightheaded later.

Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop Leather left home at the age of 11, and he bounced between the streets, fosters, or, at times, his parents until he joined the military at 17. He was at ground zero on 9-11 and deployed to Iraq in ‘04 where he became an early opponent of the war. Despite living most of his life in the closet, Geoff learned to love boots in the army, knowing he was a queer pervert from his earliest memories. From homeless youth to open, out, and proud leatherman, Geoff has done some amazing things: he got arrested outside of Bush’s ranch, smoked hookah over the pyramids of Giza, licked a Sir’s boots in Germany, and even briefed President Obama in the Oval Office; just ask, he loves storytelling.

Travis Santell Rowland3.
Travis Santell Rowland
Mr. Powerhouse Leather

Travis Santell Rowland is an interdisciplinary performing artist, choreographer, arts educator, and nightlife artist.  When he isn’t performing or choreographing by invitation with San Francisco Opera, California Shakespeare Theater, American Conservatory Theater, Magic Theatre, or touring social justice dance theatre to Harvard Law School and opening A.C.T.’s The Strand Theater with Zaccho Dance Theatre, you can find him wreaking performative havoc in the SoMa nightlife scene at Powerhouse, The Stud, Oasis and DNA Lounge – He likes to scare the neighbors and visitors!  He believes if performance art doesn’t provoke thought, push limits, or challenge ideas, then it needs to go back to the drawing board.

As a single gay man living in SF, Mr. Powerhouse Leather enjoys having as much awesome sex as possible with as many delicious men as life ushers his way.  George Michael said it best; “Sex is natural. Sex is good.  Not everybody does it, but everybody should.”  As the current Mr. Powerhouse Leather 2017, Travis is honored to represent SF’s #1 cruise bar in SoMa, which has allowed him growth in his own sexuality and self confidence.  Special “Thank You” to Scott Powerhouse and the Powerhouse team for welcoming him into a uniquely nurturing SoMa family.

Cito DaMoude4.
Cito DaMoude
Mr. Chaps Leather

A Bay Area native located in the East Bay, Cito is a small town guy who has always had enthusiasm and curiosity about leather, uniforms, and bikers. Having grown up around family who allowed him to be who he wanted to be and build his taste for leather, he felt the freedom to explore what interested him at a young age; doing so made him into the proud Leatherman he is today.

Mr. Chaps Leather is an active community member within the SF BLUF circle and is even the current poster model for the BLUF Nights here in SF. He is also a leather liaison to Los Angeles, participating down there constantly to build a family bond between our two great cities. Cito is a member of Mama’s Family where he is known as “Mama’s French Chef”. He is also a member of the Los Angeles based family and organization known as the “Payasos.” You can always find him exploring the leather world and teaching what he knows to many new and emerging young leathermen.

Al Rahm5.
Al Rahm
Mr. Sober Leather

A Bay Area leather kinkster, Al is an artist, activist, filmmaker and writer. His writing has appeared in Drummer Magazine and Best American Erotica. His film, SM in the Hood, is distributed by Frameline, and his artwork has been shown at Oakland Museum and YCBA. He is writing and directing a full length documentary called CLN SBR PNX-True Stories of Chaos, Redemption, Hope & Punk Rock.

Mr. Sober Leather is a veteran and spent a decade on the front lines of the AIDS pandemic working at Coming Home & Maitri Hospices. He is a single dad to a beautiful teen daughter. Al is active in LDG and last year helped raised funds for suicide prevention and the SF Aids Foundation.  He has coordinated Oakland’s largest toy drive for the last 16 years. He is currently partnering with “Cheers Queers,” a project of the SF Aids Foundation that shares messages about drinking safely.

Matthew Niles McGowen6.
Matthew Niles McGowen
Mr. SF Eagle Leather

Born and raised on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. After graduating from college and moving to San Jose, Matt came out and started exploring kink and leather in the Bay Area attending parties, gear nights, and exploring the scene in the South Bay as well as San Francisco where he moved in early 2016.

Since moving to San Francisco, he has pursued a variety of interests around the scene as well as outside of it. Mr. SF Eagle Leather regularly attends LDG/YLDG programming, has volunteered at Leather Alliance events, and helped with the community renovation of the Catalyst play space. He also was inspired to get involved in political organizing, and sees his involvement in the local leather community as a key part of that process.

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