2018 Contestants


2018 Leather Alliance Weekend Contestants

Mr. San Francisco Leather 2018 Contestants

 Ken Berard Ken Berard
Mr. SF Sober Leather 2018

Kenneth Scott Berard Jr. is originally from Lawrence, Massachusetts.  He is 36 yrs old, 5’8”, and 145lbs.  He’s never been to the gym but he walks 6+ miles every day.  He lives in the Tenderloin area of the city and works at Mr S Leather.  He likes cross country bus trips by himself; it’s so peaceful.  He’s been sober since May 16, 2010, and it was the best thing that could have happened to him.  His favorite animal are frogs, his favorite food are tacos, and his favorite drink is coffee.
 Matt Welch Matt Welch
Mr. Bay Area Cub 2017

Matt is a northern California native who has called San Francisco’s leather community home for the last four years.  Professionally, Matt serves as an Executive Assistant for in the environmental sector.  He also freelances as a theatrical director and designer throughout the bay.  He is currently Mr. Bay Area Cub 2017 and is excited to see the return of the title after a nearly 10 year hiatus.  Matt also regularly performs with the Boys of Bearlesque, a body positive dance company.  A proudly polyamorous pup, Matt is married within a triad to his Sir and their pup.  He is also his pack’s Alpha.
 Colton Long Colton Long
Mr. SF Eagle Leather 2018

Colton is a Bay Area queer artist who has helped create large scale art installations for Folsom Street Events. Colton has donated many creative hours to community centered non-profits, contributing anti-Trump protest posters, modeling work and bartending experience. As Mr. San Francisco Leather 2018, Colton’s goal is to inspire a new generation of leather fetishists and kinksters through art. Colton plans to utilize the potential of the San Francisco Eagle and other queer spaces as community centers. By recruiting and supporting local queer artist for a queer  mural residency, Colton’s hope is to use art to expand our fantasies and community. Colton’s plan is to gather insight from those who have established the community to host events that will inspire curious youths. You can find Colton riding his motorcycle around the city in gear, drawing at the Gay Men’s Sketch group on Tuesday evenings, or on your sexy tumblr feed.
 Whisper Whisper
Mr Daddy’s Barbershop Leather 2018

Austin James, affectionately known as Whisper, is a serious kinkster. After moving to San Francisco from a small, conservative town at the age of 19, it did not take him long to dive deep into the steamy pool of the leather community. During his first month here he began attending the Leathermen’s Discussion Group and other groups. Soon after, Whisper met the leatherman who would become his Sir. He started a kink blog which attracted thousands of followers interested in the adventures of a young kinky man. Eventually, his bio family were shown it and disowned him.. The SF leather community rallied around him and kept him strong. Whisper found particular fraternity in The 15 Association. At the 15 play parties, Whisper proved himself to be a hard-working volunteer and a seriously good player. A year later, he was voted in as the youngest member of The 15 Association in history. Whisper continues to prove himself everyday. He volunteers at SF Catalyst on behalf of the Leather Alliance and, as Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop Leather 2018, makes connections and builds bridges with all segments of our community. As Mr. SF Leather 2018, he plans to inspire people to live as their true authentic selves and to embrace others who do the same.
Stephan Ferris Stephan Ferris
Mr. Friendly Leather 2018

Stephan Francisco Ferris (Mr. Friendly SF 2018), is a kinky-queer-polyamorous-faggot-faerie-empath . . . but who needs labels?  He earned his Bachelor of Arts in broadcast communication from San Francisco State University and a Juris Doctor from UC Hastings, College of the Law.  He is passionate about LGBT, HIV, and sex-worker activism.  During law school, Stephan researched the implications of California’s failed Proposition 60, a measure that mandated condom usage in adult entertainment.  He was selected to publish his findings as an argumentative note in the Hastings Women’s Law Journal.  Stephan has worked internationally to advocate for educated and informed sexual autonomy through publication and outreach.  He serves on the board of directors for Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom (“BALIF”), as well as the National Coalition of Rent Boys and Allies (“NCORB”).  When he is not wearing a suit and tie, he enjoys puppies, blood-sports, cuddling knuckles deep, and a good horror movie.
 Spencer Adam Spencer Adam
Mr. Powerhouse Leather 2018

Spencer, your Mr Powerhouse Leather 2018, is an active 10+ year kinkster and leatherman, 8.5 year San Franciscan, and Nor-Cal native. Servicing minds, community, and Johns on the patio of San Francisco’s cruise bar—Powerhouse, Spencer can be found running between both Soma and Castro, supporting his peers, working nightlife, and benefitting various local non-profits that uplift queer youth. If you’re catching him from behind, you’ll notice he flags beige, fuschia, magenta, light yellow light blue, and mustard as an equal opportunist—set to give and receive—with the focus being creating a 5-star Yelp review…..he means to say, a lasting impression in a large playing field. Navy, you ask? Left leaning with 2018 standing as the year for DEEP exploration. Let’s go further together. Having experienced homelessness for a number of years as a teenager and young adult, Spencer has worked the last 13 years across intersectional spaces to connect our disadvantaged brothers, sisters, and non-binary folk to critical resources. His work to create access points is the driving mission of all his work. Spencer’s next year of work in the San Francisco community is focused on partnering with LYRIC, a local non-profit, to benefit trans and queer youth of color struggling with housing and homelessness.

San Francisco Bootblack 2018 Contestants

Camryn Obscura Camryn Obscura

I’m Camryn Obscura. I am a sex worker, queer, fat, disabled, an activist, and a transgender weirdo. I’ve been working publicly as a bootblack for the past 5 years, but worked for a year on my own before that. I am self-taught but have had some mentors in my process, yet it has consistently been my own journey. Bootblacking is the closest thing to spirituality for me. It helps focus me, grounds me, and keeps me observant. It’s all about the service to the leather for me, which is where the spirituality comes in. It allows me to focus on only the leather, which keeps me mindful, and at the end I have a physical representation of the process–a beautifully shined piece of leather. Beyond that, bootblacking has also been therapeutic for me, helping me maintain my identity and presence in the leather community after surviving abuse. I’ve been able to safely explore my identity and service in the leather community through bootblacking. At this point in my journey, I feel ready to provide these services to the greater leather community in addition to being a titleholder.

Kenzi Kenzi

In cold, snowy, rural areas, maintenance of leather is a crucial part of daily life. Younger than she can even remember, Kenzi learned to weatherproof and condition gloves and boots from her mom, and polish shoes and boots from her veteran father.After over a decade of kink life, she finally found a welcoming home in women’s leather, through a bootblack connection. Y’all have saved her many times over without knowing it, and now she’s just happy to serve the community back… and to get to black some hot boots.

Victoria Victoria Bootblack

Victoria is a mouthy, unapologetically black, and highly-opinionated baby bootblack. Though fairly new to the leather community, she is long acquainted with general deviance and prurient behavior. Hobbies include: talking shit at the bootblack stand at SF Eagle, shouting into the void about racial injustice and/or the patriarchy, and forcing people to participate in lap-dance contests. She is an active member of a whole bunch of Leather organizations including SF girls of Leather and SF Bay Area Bootlab, for whom she organizes a monthly community event.