Dark Odyssey

The Leather Alliance Weekend is proud to have Dark Odyssey as a Community level sponsor. Without their generous support, this weekend would not be possible.

Dark Odyssey — Surrender is scheduled for November 10-12, 2017.  Come learn, explore, and play in a no holds barred, sexually charged atmosphere. Interactive workshops fill your days, while at night you’ll explore dark dungeons, powerful rituals, passionate scenes, and mind-blowing ecstasy all under one roof in a proven scene friendly hotel in downtown San Francisco.

Join us as we combine sexuality, spirituality, education and play in an immersive environment where fantasy becomes reality. We are omnisexual – straight, gay, bi, queer, trans, and genderqueer. We are leatherfolk, kinksters, swingers, cross dressers, sex educators, Tantra practitioners, Pagans, and perverts. We are vanilla and kinky, beginners and veterans, singles, couples, triads, and more.


Dark Odyssey -- SurrenderDark Odyssey — Surrender