Cody Elkin

Cody “Codybear” Elkin,
Mr. San Francisco Leather 2016

Originally from Pittsburgh, Cody is a San Francisco-based fisting top who flags hunter green on the left. Over the last 13 years, he has worked in a variety of LGBTQ communities including the Bears, Leather Community, Gay Rodeo, Imperial Court, Ducal Court, Bare Chest Calendar and more.  Cody has also produced music events for the Bears of San Francisco and Lazy Bear Weekend.

Since winning his San Francisco title, he’s appeared on a number of local TV shows and podcasts talking about leather and his commitment to anti-bullying and suicide prevention.  He has judged leather contests in Washington, Dallas, Sacramento, San Francisco and Saugatuck, Michigan, as well as served as “den-daddy” in Detroit.

After finishing in the top 20 at IML, Cody has traveled extensively, participating in events in Cleveland, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Orlando (including a vigil at Pulse Nightclub), South Bend,  Sonoma County and Dublin, Ireland. Through it all, he’s raised both awareness of the leather lifestyle and much needed funds –  totally over $10,000 – while maintaining and building partnerships across multiple LGBTQ communities.

Cody thanks his boy Chris and his husband, Jack, for their support and encouragement, and wishes the new 2017 Mr. San Francisco Leather a successful year.