The Leather Alliance Weekend is proud to have KinkBNB as a bronze level sponsor. Without their generous support, this weekend would not be possible.

A Vibrant, Worldwide, Human Community
Sex is part of human nature, and cultures surrounding sex have been around since before written history. With the melting pot of humanity brought about and accelerated by globalization, there is no better way to discover what the locals do than to get out there and travel. Sex tourism is a growing trend, and we view our hosts are not only our valued partners but as authorities on the local sex positive scene.

Local Color
When you’re on vacation, it’s good to know that your host has the same dirty mind as you. We encourage our guests and hosts to interact to share knowledge about local amenities, such as:

  • Local Nightclubs and Private Clubs
  • Local Adult Toy Stores
  • Local Restaurants
  • Local Clothing Stores (adult or otherwise)
  • Local Services (massage, hair, manicurist,etc.)

The Tools to Find Your Kink
Here at KinkBNB we strive to help you find your kink. We’re constantly improving our website, adding amenities and features. Some of the latest features to KinkBNB are:

  • Request a property – Going somewhere but can’t find a place there? Put the call out and make sure hosts in that area know they could be making money.
  • Search – Search based on location and time is cool, but we’ve added searching by vacation type – Romantic, Kinky, Getaway, and more.
  • Improved Reviews
  • Your KinkBNB Wallet – A comprehensive system to easily manage transactions between Guests, Hosts, and KinkBNB.
  • Make money- As we roll out more options, future offers enable guests and hosts alike the chance to make money through affiliate programs and referrals.