The Story of YOU: Giving and Getting a Great Oral History

Saturday, March 5th, 1:30pm-3:30pm

How do we preserve the richness and wisdom of the leather community? Our stories are worth capturing and celebrating, and one way to make that happen is through oral histories. In this workshop we’ll explore and practice a number of easy techniques, including

  • What it takes to conduct an excellent interview, or be a great interviewee
  • How to structure an interview and craft questions
  • Easy ways of recording and editing the conversation (audio and/or video)

Knowing who we are as a community is key to keeping our tribe strong and vibrant, and helping new generations find their way. Everyone has a story to tell, and anyone can help record these stories for the future.

pupSpikeAbout the presenter: pup Spike has been active in the leather communities of San Francisco and South Florida since 2003. He founded goLEATHER, a Fort Lauderdale-based organization to help millennials explore the leather community and support them as they came out into leather. Spike has a passion for documenting personal stories, including interviewing leather folk and preserving their oral histories. He now lives in San Francisco: a great place for a wolf like him to run, grow, howl and breed. And he is active in K9 Unit, a Bay Area organizations for pups of all kinds and those who love them. Spike is the collared pup of Joe Gallagher, IML 1996, and beta to his Alpha, Wolf Freed.

Making the Connection was an educational concept introduced in 2012 by Mr SF Leather Darren Bondy.

imgresThis year,  Leathermen’s Discussion Group is producing the seminars for LAW 2016. Founded in 1996, SFLDG has an educational mission with a once-a-month presentation of a kink/fetish/leather/BDSM skill or topical discussion, interview, or panel relevant to kinky guys and their allies. Every month, 60-150 people join us for 2 hours to meet new people, learn, and have fun. Come with a friend, or drop in on your own. With a huge audience of the most interesting folks in the Bay Area, we tend to be the best place to meet and socialize and hang out with other kinksters. You’ll be welcome.