Garry McLain (Marlena)

MarlenaGarry McLain (Marlena), began his leather journey back in 1969 by walking into Phoebe’s leather bar in San Francisco. His leather journey has been a phenomenal experience, which he is passionate about. Garry has been a part of motorcycle clubs such as the Golden Gate Guards and the SF GDI Club in San Francisco. Since the beginning he has been a huge supporter of our community and will tell you how much he loves it. He believes in the work the community is doing & contributes to organizations such as AEF, PRC, Camp Starburst, and previously the God Father Service Fund.

In 1976 he became Empress of Modesto and in 1990 became Empress XXV of San Francisco. At that time he opened a bar in Hayes Valley called Marlena’s and for 23 years the bar was home to many community events. In 2002, he started the Mr. Hayes Valley Leather contest. Having 11 titleholders that competed at Mr. San Francisco Leather and IML, the title ended in 2013 when the bar closed. Garry/Marlena takes pride in the contest, his involvement in the leather community, as well as the titleholders he has produced.