Fist Fest

Fist Fest

The Leather Alliance Weekend is proud to have LDG—Leathermen’s Discussion Group as a community sponsor. Without their generous support, this weekend would not be possible.


A Safe Place to Learn and Play

Six (0266)If you’re kinky, or even if you’re not sure yet, come and join us. We are a friendly bunch. Don’t worry about what you’re wearing either. Whether you’re into leather, rubber, latex, fetish gear or you’re just a “jeans n’ T-shirt” kinda guy, it simply doesn’t matter. It’s YOU that matters and YOU we want to see at our event. It’s not about what you wear — hell, many men are naked all weekend. It’s not about your body type or age, or even your level of experience. It’s not about BDSM (bondage, discipline and sadomasochism) or leather or gear.

This is a weekend specifically for and by men who are into BUTTS, HOLES and HANDS (and other related stuff). So leave your friends who faint at the thought of sticking a hand up someone’s butt at home! If you’re into ASSPLAY, this is the weekend for YOU.