Element Eclipse

12736041_10205868810416529_684297503_nMr. Powerhouse Leather 2016

Element has quite a diverse background in both street and book smarts. He grew up Ohio and participated in color guard, track, boxing, wrestling and choir. After high school Element joined the United States Army Reserves and moved to Portland, Oregon. Between Portland and Seattle he spent five years as a pup under Sir Tony Buff, as part of the Dragon Clan and continues to identify as a Dragon. When Element landed in San Francisco he started dancing all around the bay and bartended at KOK bar in SOMA. In 2013, Element represented Northern California as Northern California Leatherboy 2013 & has nested in San Francisco for 6 years and counting. An associate member with the Chicago Hellfire Club Mr. Eclipse has been in recent affiliation with the Satyr’s & Rainbow Motorcycle Club. Element goes on to state…

“I want to win Mr. San Francisco Leather because I am Mr. San Francisco Leather. I respect a human that works not only for himself and his family but also for things of which he is called upon to do by the people who support him. This title in my hands would be OUR title. LETS WIN!”

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