Arthur Mainster

Arthur MainsterTo know who I am is to know what I believe in when it comes to the Leather/SM Fetish Community. I have been part of the leather community for over forty years. As I began my exploration a well-educated old school Master trained me and imparted to me the following four core values of wisdom:

Honesty: Be honest with yourself and to those around you. Know and understand your limits and respect the limits of others. Have the strength to explore your fantasies, but to know what fantasies are and what reality is.

Respect: Is earned slowly over time and is never given lightly. To be respected by others you must show and demonstrate honest respect to them.

Trust: Like respect is earned and builds over time. Trusting that limits will be respected and adhered too (for all involved, Tops/Bottoms Daddy/Boy Master/Slave) and all others roles but don’t get me started on word games.

Commitment: Honor your word. If you say you will be there then be there. A true Leatherman is judged by his actions. Whether at work or socially a Leatherman can be counted on to get the task at hand done right and follows through till the very end. No matter the task he can be counted on to get it done. When he needs help he is not afraid to ask. As we grow and evolve in our own personal lives we find the time and resources to give back to our respective communities. Giving your time, financial support, or anything you can offer including just being there to support a friend or organizations you believe in has its own rewards both for you personally and the community at large.

My own personal commitment to the community has included being co-founder and past president of San Francisco chapter of the Knights of Malta, Co-Producer of the 1992 Northern California Drummer and Drummer boy Contest, Co-Coordinator of the Leather Contingent from 1999 to 2001. Additionally I have run for San Francisco Leather Daddy and actively support the current and past Leather Daddies and Boys. Following a long standing Leatherman tradition I have been active with the San Francisco Imperial Council and hold title of Imperial Prince to the Sparkling Sapphire Peacock Empress of Politeness, Misty Blue. Along with other various organizations that I have donated time and money over the years including countless beer busts, various and numerous fund raiser’s and a some blood and tears and a lot of sweat and hard labor and many laughs and good times.

Over the past 40 years, I have strived to live up to the four words of: Honesty Respect Trust and Commitment. They have been my guiding force through the thick and thin of life’s hills and valleys. To such end I have had these words tattooed in Hebrew on my left arm as a reminder to myself and of the bothers whom memory I honor with all my heart.

Most of all I have been true to my own person and danced to my own drumbeat.

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” Henry David Thoreau.