Kody Staubitz

kodyMr. Edge 2016

Kody is a bay area native born in Vallejo, CA and raised in San Francisco. He is fairly new to the leather community becoming active about a year ago, when he started attending LDG and YLDG meetings. He always had an interest in leather and his kinky side is ever changing. He is an active member of Wags Pack Service Pup’s and voulenteers frequently for local fundraising events.

He studied music from elementary through his sophomore year in high school when his focus shifted to running his high school’s Gay Straight Alliance. After high school he took to the work force still unsure of what he wanted to do professionally. At the age of 22 he began attending the California Culinary Academy after just a few months he realized that the culinary arts was not something he would be happy doing long term professionally. Soon after he became a trained and licensed security officer. He worked for a residential property up until an amazing opportunity to work in the castro, at then, a new bar presented itself. Beaux, gave him a great opportunity to explore a new type of security and allowed him to make connections to the community and develop his self identity. He currently works at The Mix as their doorman and spends his free time voulenteering and spending time with family.

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