Kippy Marks

12606834_10208675087937639_272389736_nMr. Friendly 2016

Kippy was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and raised in El Paso Tx. Kippy has always known that he was gay and has always been a individual of exceptional musical talent. Kippy has played the violin for over 3 decades and performed with orchestras, individuals and groups nationwide. (He is self taught)

Kippy moved to San Francisco in 2009 and has delved himself into community service. Kippy is currently Mr. Friendly SF. Kippy has served as Krewe De Kinque (King X), (Grand Duke 40) of San Francisco, and is a contributing writer for the SF BayTimes. Kippy graduated from Everest College in 2009 and is a CMT, RMT, a music teacher and business owner.

Kippy began his leather journey in 1997 in San Diego CA. as houseboy to his daddy (Ramon). Here Kippy learned self awareness and the likes and dislikes of himself within the leather lifestyle. “Ive learned that I’m a complete versatal leather Man. I love to take control as well as surrender, and to have fun and enjoy my experiences.”

“Music has always been my way of reaching out to my community. It’s a wonderful feeling when you can inspire someone, when you can help them experience just a little more joy in their day. It’s about the energy flow, working with the people to create music and the enjoyment of music at the same time”

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