Jacob Ray

IMG_7493 (1)Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop Leather  

I was born in Vancouver WA, and moved to SF in 2009. I have been involved with HIV prevention and treatment fundraising for the past 4 years with AIDS Life cycle and the BCC. I got into leather about 7 years ago when I first discovered the Eagle. The community made see that I was trying to be something I wasn’t, and finally felt like I could connect. I’ve made an amazing circle of friends and found many ways to help people through various channels. I was part of a record breaking year with the bcc, we raised over $170k and I have personally raised over $10k for Alc. I have an amazing partner who supports me and keeps me grounded. He helps keep me in line and reminds me to take care of myself while I’m trying to take care of everyone else. I work with the Grass Roots Gay Rights Foundation as the vice chair of the DJ selection committee for Real Bad XXVIII. It combines 2 things I love, music and helping my community.

Daddy’s is very excited to see what this year hold for Jacob, he has mighty big boots to follow and we expect great things.

Previous titles: Mr. April 2015 of the Bare Chest Calendar

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