Harry Kong

hkongMr. SF Eagle Leather 2016
Harry Kong was born and raised in British Hong Kong and spent most of his adult life in the United States. He went to University of Massachusetts in Boston, where he had his first taste in leather. He began taking an active role in the leather community since he moved to San Francisco in 2000.

He currently works for the San Francisco Fire Department as a paramedic and he has been serving the people of San Francisco since 2002.

Due to his multi-national background, Harrison is an avid international traveler and enjoys being the cultural ambassador among people from different countries, age groups, social values and special interests.

He was pinned by Mama in 2006 as “Mama’s Panda Bear” for his involvement in the Christmas toy drives as well as other annual charity and leather events. He recently won the title Mr. San Francisco Eagle Leather 2016 and immediately started working with other community leaders and titleholders.

Despite smiling quite often and being easy to approach, one of his mottos is “Don’t let the smile fool you!” and suitors are often forewarned by his disclaimer “No one can hear you scream but I have a very good medic kit!”

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