Eric Burkett


Originally from Arkansas, 49-year-old Eric Burkett has lived around the world, from Alaska to Antarctica, and from San Francisco to Barcelona. He is a professional chef and freelance writer. Since arriving in San Francisco 12 years ago, he has been part of a leather family that has grown over time to include five men, including his dads, Richard Bolingbroke and Steve Gaynes. Through the love – and enormous patience – of his family, he has staked his own, albeit small, place in the leather community. He serves on the board of Leathermens Discussion Group, and is a member of The 15 Organization.
With the enormous changes that have effected the lives of gay men and lesbians over the past few years, many in the leather and kink community have begun to feel as if they are being swept under the rug in order to present a more “wholesome” image of the gay community to the public at large. Eric believes we must continue to be upfront about who we are as leathermen and women, and – when necessary – demanding our seat at the table, while growing and strengthening those institutions that serve the leather community.

Previous Titles: San Francisco Leather Daddy’s Boy XXIX (2013)

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