And the winner is…


Trevor Black, Mr San Francisco Leather 2015

(Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop Leather)

Trevor Black, Mr SF Leather 2015


Bay Area Reporter
The Leather Journal

 Bio: Trevor Black  moved to San Francisco 4 years ago when he was 18, and began to thrive.  He attended various goth and kink clubs, and eventually started participating in public demonstrations as a kink model at local bars. Doing this allowed him to connect with the leather community. Eventually Trevor started throwing parties, and helped raise money for various local nonprofits.  Because of these experiences he began exploring his own deviant side, connecting himself with people in San Francisco. A byproduct of throwing these events was witnessing the charitable side of it all, and seeing the efforts those put in to supporting causes they believe in to this day inspires him to do what he loves, and to keep on supporting our community.