Stephen Shute

Stephen Shute, Mr. Sober Leather

Stephen Shute was born and raised in San Francisco, growing up in the Sunset District moving to the east bay in 2006. He has been kinky all his life and has entered the BDSM scene because he wants to live his life to the fullest, and has determined that for himself kinky sexuality is as much his orientation as anything else. He is looking for a place to be of service and a role in the very broad Bay Area BDSM scene.
Stephen is a commercial trim carpenter, specializing in high end and historic trim, in downtown San Francisco. He is now using his carpentry skills to build kinky toys, fixtures, and furniture.
He likes the outdoors, hiking, camping, back packing and skiing are his favorite activities. He also likes cooking gourmet meals.
Stephen is a sadist with a dominate streak and enjoys a broad range of kinks, most of all he likes giving his partners new experiences, fulfilling their fantasies and darkest secret desires. Currently he is honing his skills as a Dom and Sadist, and enjoying the journey exploring kinky sexuality. He is looking forward to hosting and creating events in his current title or any greater challenges.