Qualifications & Scoring



Contestant Qualifications

To compete for the title of Mr. San Francisco Leather, each contestant must:

1. Be a US citizen or resident

2. Must be a resident of San Francisco Bay Area

3. Be 21 years of age

4. Be a winner of a San Francisco feeder Contest

OR be sponsored by a San Francisco Leather, fetish, kink, business, club, Organization

OR can be an independent.

5. Must agree, as winner to attend the Leather Alliance and other community events as listed in the Contestant Agreement

6. Must represent San Francisco in Chicago at IML in May, 2015

Contestant Scoring

Each contestant is judged in the following categories:

1. Interview in street/casual wear (30 points)

2. Leather Image (20 points)

3. On stage pop question and physique (20 points)

4. Presentation skills (30 points)