Gerald Borjas

Gerald Borjas, Mr. Edge Leather

Third generation San Franciscan eldest of five, only son. Gerald Borjas has one strict motto, “Actions speak louder then words.” His mother taught that since day one. He thrived for excellence on both sides of the spectrum, with wordplay and sheer definitive action. With versatility in mind he learned an array of skills throughout his life. Since a young boy he loved leather, it was always apart in his life one way or another. Till one evening in 2005 while he was performing a show at Lennon Studios. He was outside collecting himself before going on stage and that’s when he saw them. A group of seven fully geared up leather men walking down Dore alley and it almost made him drop to his knees in awe. “That’s what I wanna be.” he said. Onward it was strict research of the lifestyle. Listening to words of wisdom, experiencing passion, pushing past limitations he didn’t know he had, pushing past points he didn’t even know existed. Now 25 he hopes to further enlighten himself in this family and now give back all that has been given to him. Wisdom, power, courage and love for this family and all those surrounding it.