Eric Paul Leue

Eric Paul Leue – Mr LA Leather 2014
Eric Leue

Eric Paul Leue, Eagle LA Mr Leather 2014 and Mr LA Leather 2014

Eric is a born East-Berliner and has been an active member of the leather community since he was 18, first in Berlin, then London and now in his hometown Los Angeles.

As a sexually very active gay men with his infamous orange hanky on the left, he likes to make it a point to at least keep that a part of his ‘community outreach’, in addition to building bridges and strengthening bonds between all members of the community.

Eric is known for his European no nonsense approach. He is an activist for LGBTQ rights, education, equality and informed sexual health choices. As such he is one of the poster children of PrEP, a daily pill that prevents HIV infections, and is often referred to as Dr PrEPper, or the guy who asked Weinstein to resign. He is a member of the LA HIV Commission, LA PrEP Workgroup, and continuously travels to communities within the US & Canada, and abroad to further the conversation and showcase the activism and care that sits at the heart of the LA Leather community.

As Mr LA Leather 2014 and Director of Sexual Health and Advocacy for, Eric has published several articles and/or gave interviews for Leatherati, Huffington Post, New York Times, TheFight Magazine, Zeus Magazine, Männer+, The Leather Journal,, BBC, LA Times, Boner Magazine, Newsweek, Bear World Magazine, Fugues in Montreal and Tetu in Paris.

His motto is from a Meryl Streep movie of course:

“What I do think is a man should be encouraged to stand on his own two feet. Yes, we help people. Of course we help people, but for those who can do, they must just get up and do. And if something’s wrong, they shouldn’t just whine about it. They should get in there and do something about it. Change things.”