Christopher Humphreys

Christopher Humphreys, Mr. SF Eagle Leather

Christopher Humphreys, Mr. SF Eagle 2015 is a California native, the moment he stepped out of the closet he’s been involved in breaking down barriers to support equal rights. 10 years ago he landed in SanFrancisco, drawn to the support system and all encompassing community. In 2011 Chris achieved his goal of being part of the Bare Chest Calendar as Mr. August 2012. Since then he’s been an active fundraiser for non-profits specializing in; supporting people susceptible to HIV, or living with HIV/AIDS.

Chris believes in always working to achieve your goals even if it takes a few tries, drawing inspiration from The Alchemist’s quote  “…if you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” An example he showed for both Bare Chest Calendar on his first try and as 1st Runner Up to Mr. SF Eagle last year.