Congratulations to recipients of the 50th Annual Community Awards


Some standouts in our community were lauded at the Awards, held at Oasis bar

  • Philip M Turner Lifetime Achievement: Gayle Rubin
  • Co-Women of the Year: Beatrice Stonebanks & Jesbian Bagheera
  • Man of the Year: Bob Goldfarb
  • Next Generation Award (under 35): Jason Husted
  • Jim Remer Community Volunteer Award: Marilyn Hollinger
  • Frank Benoit Award: Rover Spotts
  • Outstanding Community Nonprofit: Center for Sex & Culture
  • Best New Organization: The Little Scouts
  • Best Community Educational Event: LDG Up Your Alley Fair History with Gayle Rubin
  • Best Organizational Anniversary Event: LDG Rich Trove 10 Year Anniversary
  • Best Bay Area Leather Contest: Ms San Francisco Leather 2016
  • Best Community Leather/Fetish/Motorcycle Event: LDG Tom of Finland Art Auction & Social
  • Best Community Weekend Event: Gear Up Weekend
  • Most Visible Organization: Leathermen’s Discussion Group
  • Best Overnight Run: Golden Gate Guards, Fall Adventure
  • Best Traditional Run: Golden Gate Guards, Springtime in Yosemite
  • Outstanding Community Business: Stompers

Learn more about the Community Awards

Thank you to our volunteers

Leather Alliance Weekend could not happen without the support of our community volunteers


Contest Volunteers

  • Sr. Stage Director—Beth Downey
  • Stage Director—Tegan Widmer
  • Lighting Director—Jesbian
  • Audio Visual Director—Rover Spots
  • Audio Visual Director—Kevin Quintero
  • Marketing Director—Jacob Stout
  • Artistic Director—Gerald Borjas
  • Sr. Den Daddy—Erick Lopez
  • Sr. Den Daddy—Nate Cotton
  • Den Daddy Mentee—Stephen Minshal
  • Marketing Director—Jason Husted
  • Tally Master—Barry Miles
  • Hostess—Eden Alexander
  • Hostess—Layla
  • Host—Thao Hill
  • Emcee—Paul Pratt
  • Emcee—Don Mike
  • Producer—Nile Eckhoff
  • Float—Jesus Nunez-jirgl
  • Float—Steven Minshal
  • Performer—Raquella Performer—JD
  • Silent Auction—Rachel Sullivan
  • Stage Hand—Matt McGowan
  • Usher Coordination—Jerry Roberts
Leather Alliance Weekend Volunteers

  • Chair—Larry Shockey
  • Chair—Erik Will
  • Board president and knowledgebase—Dahn Van Laarz
  • Treasurer—Angel Garfold
  • Sponsorships—Rachele Sullivan
  • Finance—Mark Ingham
  • Education consultant and interviewer—Patrick Mulcahey
  • Education support—Daddy Blade Bannon
  • Consultant—Deborah Hoffman-Wade
  • Consultant—Daddy Ray Tilton
  • Consultant—Ava Schmidt
  • Tech consultant—Kevin Casey (LALC)
  • Assistant—Pup Rascal
  • Education videographer—D.S.
  • Super Volunteer—Larry Rivera
  • Coat check—SoMa Guardians
  • Food—Kit and Bear
  • Awards Cohost—Race Bannon
  • Play party—Exiles
  • Play party—SF girls of Leather
  • Play party—The 15 Association
  • Photographer—Rich Stadtmiller
Steamworks Baths


The Leather Alliance Weekend is proud to have Steamworks Baths as a bronze level sponsor. Without their generous support, this weekend would not be possible.

Steamworks Baths

Steamworks Baths has been providing men with a safe, comfortable, stylish and clean place to meet other men for over 35 years. Relax, work out and play. Open 24/7 365 days a year with locations in Chicago, Toronto, Berkeley, Seattle and Vancouver. Steamworks Baths strives to be the standard setting bathhouse experience in the world. Steamworks is also committed to being an engaged community partner and has been involved with a wide range of community based arts, health, political and service organizations in the cities where we do business.



The Leather Alliance Weekend is proud to have KinkBNB as a bronze level sponsor. Without their generous support, this weekend would not be possible.

A Vibrant, Worldwide, Human Community
Sex is part of human nature, and cultures surrounding sex have been around since before written history. With the melting pot of humanity brought about and accelerated by globalization, there is no better way to discover what the locals do than to get out there and travel. Sex tourism is a growing trend, and we view our hosts are not only our valued partners but as authorities on the local sex positive scene.

Local Color
When you’re on vacation, it’s good to know that your host has the same dirty mind as you. We encourage our guests and hosts to interact to share knowledge about local amenities, such as:

  • Local Nightclubs and Private Clubs
  • Local Adult Toy Stores
  • Local Restaurants
  • Local Clothing Stores (adult or otherwise)
  • Local Services (massage, hair, manicurist,etc.)

The Tools to Find Your Kink
Here at KinkBNB we strive to help you find your kink. We’re constantly improving our website, adding amenities and features. Some of the latest features to KinkBNB are:

  • Request a property – Going somewhere but can’t find a place there? Put the call out and make sure hosts in that area know they could be making money.
  • Search – Search based on location and time is cool, but we’ve added searching by vacation type – Romantic, Kinky, Getaway, and more.
  • Improved Reviews
  • Your KinkBNB Wallet – A comprehensive system to easily manage transactions between Guests, Hosts, and KinkBNB.
  • Make money- As we roll out more options, future offers enable guests and hosts alike the chance to make money through affiliate programs and referrals.

SF girls of Leather

The Leather Alliance Weekend is proud to have as a community sponsor. Without their generous support, this weekend would not be possible.

We are a group of self-identified Leathergirls. Membership is not limited by race, creed, orientation or gender; however, an identification of Leathergirl is essential. A girl-heart is an individual self-identity. San Francisco girls of Leather is a unique and powerful group of individuals — our solidarity and commonality is found in our understanding that the definition of Leathergirl involves who you are and not just how you play.

SFgoL holds monthly meetings, communicates via discussion board, does outreach at Leather events throughout the Bay Area, and volunteers for a variety of non-profit organizations.

Our mission is twofold:

To provide camaraderie, and a safe space to any individual who identifies as a Leathergirl.
To provide community service within & outside of the Bay Area Leather Community at large.

The Exiles

The Leather Alliance Weekend is proud to have The Exiles as a community sponsor. Without their generous support, this weekend would not be possible.

The Exiles is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational group for women who have a positive personal interest in BDSM. The group provides educational events where women with all levels of experience will have a safe place to meet, explore and share information about safety, play techniques and resources, and connect with the leather community locally and nationally

We are comprised solely of volunteers – from the officers to the presenters. Many thanks to the people who have worked to make the Exiles YOUR club!