Leather Alliance Weekend 2019

Leather Alliance Weekend 2018Leather Alliance Weekend 2019

The 2019 Leather Alliance Weekend will be held on March 1 – 3, 2019 at SOMArts, (934 Brannan Street), and other locations around San Francisco. It will include the Mr San Francisco Leather 2019 Contest and the 2019 SF Bootblack Contest, along with the SF Leather Community Awards, a beer/soda bust, a vendor fair, auctions, entertainment, education, and, of course, parties!

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Feeder Contests

On October 13, 2018, the Bay Area Cub Contest was held at The Lone Star Saloon (Bear Bar USA), hosted by Erik R Green (Mr. International Cub 2011), co-sponsored by the Bears of San Francisco – BOSF, and raising over $1200 for Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS) and Aguilas El Ambiente Program.  Your Bay Area Cub 2019 is Shibby Fox!

On November 3, 2018, at the SF Eagle, the contest was held to select Mr. San Francisco Eagle Leather 2019, Manny Ojeda:


On December 16, 2018, an event will be held (location still to be confirmed) to introduce three new local titleholders, Mr. Friendly 2019, Mr. Sober Leather 2019, and Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop 2019.

On January 11, 2019, at the Powerhouse Bar, a contest will be held to select Mr. Powerhouse Leather 2019.  Interested in competing?  Contact them here!

Dates of additional feeder contests and titleholder announcements will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed.  Please note that the folks listed here will not necessarily choose to compete for Mr. San Francisco Leather 2019.  

Individuals who wish to compete for Mr. San Francisco Leather 2019 — or businesses or organizations that wish to sponsor a competitor — are invited to apply, beginning soon. Full details and the application form should be available here on December 1st.

For more information about the contest, or to volunteer to assist, please contact mrsfproducer@leatheralliance.org.


2018 Contest Results

The Leather Alliance Weekend 2018 was held on March 2 – 4, 2018 at SOMArts, (934 Brannan Street), and other locations around San Francisco. It included the 2018 Mr SF Leather Contest and (for the first time!) the 2018 SF Bootblack Contest, along with the SF Leather Community Awards, a beer/soda bust, a vendor fair, auctions, entertainment, education, and, of course, parties!

Mr. San Francisco Leather 2018Matt WelchMatt Welch

Matt is a northern California native who has called San Francisco’s leather community home for the last four years.  Professionally, Matt serves as an Executive Assistant in the environmental sector.  He also freelances as a theatrical director and designer throughout the bay.  He is currently Mr. Bay Area Cub 2017 and is excited to see the return of the title after a nearly 10 year hiatus.  Matt also regularly performs with the Boys of Bearlesque, a body positive dance company.  A proudly polyamorous pup, Matt is married within a triad to his Sir and their pup.  He is also his pack’s Alpha.


San Francisco Bootblack 2018Victoria BootblackVictoria Bootblack

Victoria is a mouthy, unapologetically black, and highly-opinionated baby bootblack. Though fairly new to the leather community, she is long acquainted with general deviance and prurient behavior. Hobbies include: talking shit at the bootblack stand at SF Eagle, shouting into the void about racial injustice and/or the patriarchy, and forcing people to participate in lap-dance contests. She is an active member of a whole bunch of Leather organizations including SF girls of Leather and SF Bay Area Bootlab, for whom she organizes a monthly community event.

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San Francisco Leather Community Awards

The SF Leather Community Awards have been honoring the Groups and Individuals who create and support our communities through events and projects since 1965. They are the longest-running Leather Community Awards in the world.

Best Community Educational Event 2017:
LDG – Depression and Suicide in the Men’s Community

Best Organizational Anniversary Event 2017:
The 15 Association

Best Bay Area Leather Contest 2017:
Mr San Francisco Leather

Best Community Weekend Event 2017:
LDG Fetish Fair

Most Visible Organization in the Community 2017:
Leathermen’s Discussion Group

Best New Organization 2017:
ONYX Northwest

Outstanding SF Bay Area Community Business 2017:
Wicked Grounds

Outstanding SF Bay Area Community Nonprofit 2017:
Trans Lifeline

Best One-Day Motorcycle Ride 2017:
SF Dykes On Bikes Pride Parade

Best Overnight Out-of-Town Motorcycle Ride 2017:
Golden Gate Guards – Springtime in Yosemite

Best Weekend Out-of-Town Motorcycle Ride 2017:
GearUp Weekend

Next Generation Award 2017:
Keao Lani

Frank Benoit Award:
Jim Taylor and Rand Hunt

Woman of the Year 2017:
Ms Cat and angel Garfold

Non-Binary Person of the Year 2017:
Azalea Hollinger

Man of the Year 2017:
Al Rahm

Lifetime Achievement Award 2017:
Dahn Van Laarz

Selby Award:
Dahn Van Laarz

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